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Published: 17th November 2014
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Safety, that of yourself and your familyís; should be top priority for you. Itís the best that you can do considering the dangers of the world we live in. You simply cannot take even the smallest things for granted. You need to find ways to keep away from all the negative stuff that modern technology is capable of dishing out. For instance, when you meet somebody new, you cannot just jump into the mold and immediately get cozy with him! You need to find out a little more about the person that he is! You need to do a background check. This is one of the best ways that you can keep yourself, your loved ones, and everything that youíve worked hard for safe and secure. Actually, doing a background check is quite easy nowadays and we have the Freedom of Information Act to thank for as it mandates all states in the US to keep public records open. However, each state has its own rules, and these rules should be followed. Thus, when accessing Arrest Records New York, you should first approach the New York Department of Public Safety.

New Yorkís Public Safety Department has under its wings the Division of Criminal Justice Services or DCJS, which handles the Criminal Identification Unit. The latter is the one responsible for keeping all criminal records of the state and is thus considered the central repository of such records. The office keeps files of all arrest fingerprints, including those for felony and misdemeanor charges. It embraces practically all types of arrest or criminal records.

When doing a New York criminal records search, you will be required to apply for a fingerprint-based search request. This is to be submitted to the Criminal Identification Unit. A fingerprint-based search is preferred by many because it is considered the most reliable method. You should have all requirements prepared before filing the request: two different forms of ID, a $50 record search fee, and $11.50 for the processing fee. If the person whose name is on the record has aliases, you are to list them down when filling up the form as this can help make the search easier.

As per New York laws, however, a complete copy of the arrest or criminal record can only be made available to the person who owns the record. Certain individuals and agencies can be allowed to access the same dossier, but these law enforcement and criminal agencies should have the proper authorization. The same goes for third party searchers. After your identification and authorization are verified, you will be able to obtain different kinds of criminal records information, like arrests, civil offenses, sentences and dispositions, and convictions.

Since you are dealing with state and government agencies, you will have to wait before getting the results of your request. As these offices receive loads of paperwork and request each working day, it is possible that your request will not be immediately taken care of. You may have to wait for several days or weeks.

This waiting period is a good reason for you to look for an alternative solution to your need to access public records. And the answer lies in independent online record providers. These providers are efficient, fast, and practical. Their public records database operates online and can be accessed any day and at any time. As such, you will be able to get the record/s you need in the fastest time possible; no need to go home and wait for days or weeks. Additionally, you wonít have to pay for every arrest record you request for; you pay only once! In exchange for this payment, you will be able to obtain all the public records you need anytime, without paying any extra fees! And you wonít need to leave home to do all these. Everything can be accomplished right in your own home!

Learn all about New York Arrest Records and where to find the right resource for Free Public Arrest Records.

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